• Paperboard


    As infinite as your imagination.

    Discover our endless range of deep-drawn paperboard products.

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  • The fastest paperboard

    The fastest paperboard

    on the track

    Looking for discs, deep-drawn
    products or thread plugs made of
    paperboard? We get you from the
    quotation to the finished product
    in record time.

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  • The endless lightness of special effects

    The endless lightness of special effects

    Skyrocket to new heights! HASTRA
    perfects your pyrotechnics with
    lightweight and environmentally-
    friendly paperboard products.

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  • Punched parts in all shapes and sizes

    Punched parts in all shapes and sizes

    Millions of electric motors run with paperboard insulators from HASTRA. Send us a pattern for the punched parts you need and we’ll make them for you, in large or small volumes.

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Discs, deep-drawn products and thread plugs made of paperboard? Haisch + Straub is your best bet.

Who can supply you with non-standard paperboard discs, thread plugs made of paperboard, deep-drawn paperboard products or punched products made of non-metallic materials? Haisch + Straub, the German manufacturer that automakers and automotive suppliers around the world swear by. The unsurpassed variety of our deep-drawing dies gives you the freedom to realise the seemingly impossible. At a reasonable cost. Even our competitors buy our paperboard thread plugs and deep-drawn paperboard products. Better stick to the original.

Haisch + Straub is a traditional Swabian company that still goes by the motto of ‘Your wish is our command’. We supply parts manufactured according to drawings and custom products faster than others can prepare quotations. What’s so good about a partner who is the world leader in manufacturing thread plugs made of paperboard? What’s the advantage of having some of the biggest automakers certify our deep-drawn products? The quality, reliable processes and short delivery lead times resulting from 40 years of experience. It pays to compare prices. Send us a message or give us a ring.

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Hit list of advantages

Here are the top six reasons why it pays to buy your paperboard discs, deep-drawn paperboard products and thread plugs made of paperboard from Haisch + Straub:

  • Speed: Standard paperboard products are delivered within 8 to 14 days.
  • Individuality: Custom products made according to your specifications are also delivered with short lead times.
  • Certification by well-known automakers.
  • Fast response times: You enquire about a price and your quote arrives a few minutes later.
  • Diligence: Every job, no matter how small, is important to us.
  • State-of-the-art machinery: We are leading manufacturers of thread plugs and deep-drawn parts.

Wide range of products from recycled paper to cellophane

Deep-drawn products

Forming of recycled paperboard and other long-fibre materials is a science in itself. With Haisch + Straub you have more than 40 years of experience and a state-of-the-art inventory of machines at your disposal. Whether you now want ball shells for aerial fireworks, small fitted lids or tube end caps with edges made of food-grade paperboard, we meet your every need.

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Punched products

Our variety of punched products made of paperboard, plastic and other materials will surprise you. Round discs, perforated discs, solid discs and flat paperboard rings are only the beginning. We can punch out nearly any contour according to your drawings. If you wish, we can also stamp the material in the same operation. Let your imagination run wild!

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Auch fertigen wir seit vielen Jahren Tropfteller um Kerzenwachs aufzunehmen. Diese sind in den Größen Ø 50 mm und  Ø 75 mm bei uns in der Fertigung.

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Custom products

The effects of our decades-long experience and the technical possibilities available to Haisch + Straub can be seen at the latest when we meet your special requests. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can manufacture a part from your drawings. Contact us. We’ll be delighted to advise you.

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We’re no house of cards

The name Haisch + Straub is considered to be a quality seal for paperboard discs, deep-drawn paperboard products and thread plugs made of paperboard. Our paperboard plugs are certified by major automakers and are mandatory for their suppliers. These plugs protect threads from paint, cavity wax and welding beads. Haisch + Straub is a Swabian company in the best sense of the word: we would rather be known for our ideas, performance and quality than for the number of people we employ. That’s why we are certified to ISO 9001 and have a rigorous quality management system in place.

When Haisch + Straub took the legal form of a GmbH in Göppingen in 1983 a successful streak began – and has continued for more than 40 years. Today we supply companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond. Our customers include leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Is your company a producer of electrical equipment, pyrotechnics or food or a technical vendor? No matter which sector you come from, we look forward to helping you realise your project.