Automotive industry

Deep-drawn parts made of paperboard are especially interesting to the automotive industry. Thread protector plugs and caps are used as spatter guards for painting, powder coating and welding due to paperboard’s excellent heat resistance up to 270 °C as well as its anti-static and anti-condensation properties. Paperboard is a very inexpensive and environmentally-friendly material which does not have to be collected and recycled to recoup costs. Deep-drawn or punched parts made of paperboard can simply be composted.

Haisch + Straub has been supplying the automotive industry for many years and is certified to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001. You discuss your requirements with a contact person so that you receive everything from a single source. Whether for low- or high-volume production, Haisch + Straub stands for fast delivery, low prices and high quality.