Punched paperboard products

As manufacturers of punched paperboard products, we supply not only automakers and automotive suppliers, but also many other industries throughout the world. We manufacture round discs / solid discs, round blanks made of recycled cartonboard with a thickness of 0.5–6 mm and a maximum diameter of 1,200 mm and perforated discs / flat paperboard rings and can also punch out nearly any contour according to your drawings and if necessary stamp the material in the same operation. You discuss your requirements with a contact person so that you receive everything from a single source.

Whether for low- or high-volume production, – Haisch + Straub stands for quick delivery and low prices with high quality backed by 40 years of experience. This is why Haisch + Straub is also certified to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001.

Applications for paperboard products

Punched paperboard parts such as round or solid discs and perforated discs or flat paperboard rings are primarily used as covers or intermediate layers. The paperboard thereby protects delicate products.

Advantages of paperboard as a material

Paperboard is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than many other materials. Punched parts made of paperboard do not have to be collected and recycled as they can be disposed of and even composted without any problems. Paperboard is also heat-resistant to a temperature of 270 °C as well as anti-static and does not promote condensation. Our punched paperboard parts can also be manufactured to be 100% food-grade.

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